Welcome to the course

You did it!!

You have just made a life changing decision ! You want to become a butler, how exciting is this ?

Whether you have no experience whatsoever in the hospitality industry or you are a seasoned professional, this training will take you to new heights. 

I just want to thank you for enrolling in the training and quickly explain what you are about to experience.

We have divided this training in different modules so you can study them at your own pace. The distant learning program has been a long time in the making.

As you might know, our 8 week training is an intensive one. There is a lot of information to be absorbed and applied straight away. You are a bit more lucky, since you choose to do this on your own rythm at home. 

In this distant learning program you will witness a real training. That means we have filmed an 8 week training with real students. So you can see how we teach and what is going on. It’s very much like you being there on the first row.

The big difference is of course that you can do it at your own pace and you don’t have me running behind you… ;

In the first part we immerse you in service, dining room setup, table management, eventing and wardrobe.

Afterwards we have so much to cover… going from welcoming guests, handling shotguns, chauffeur techniques, leadership and management. We are going to talk about special events, wines, cognacs, leadership, management of the household, staff, you name it… 

Assignments during the training

During the training there are also a number of assignments for you to complete. So the combination of the taking the lessons and performing the tasks will take up anywhere between 10 and 15 hours per week. If you don’t have that time, do not be worried, you can spread it out longer…

What are these assignments ? One of them is making your cv, so you can find a position as butler, as quickly as possible after this training.Another one is what we call the integrated test. It is a 7 minute presentation to be presented in front of your fellow students on a topic we will present to you during this course.

The third and last individual assignment is the butlerbook. This is the big one. The butlerbook is the heart of your operation. You can look at it as a manual for the household but I will explain all about it later.

The fourth assignment is a culmination of everything. It brings together all the characteristics a butler should have : organisation, eye for detail, anticipation and much more. In this assignment you will be tested to your limits. 

I will not disclose yet what it is but I can tell you it’s about organising an event from A to Z in detail ! This assignment is to be carried out with your fellow students you will meet during the live training here at the school, but you can already prepare for it. More towards the end of the online program I will give you all details about this assignment and believe me, you will love it !

So much for the distant learning program. If you really want the prestigious sbh pin, then you need to come to Belgium, to our beautiful butler estate. I will give you a tour later on in the training.


What do you want to learn during this course?

Send us an email at [email protected] with a few lines on what you expect from this course. At the end of the training we will see if your expectations have been met.